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Business Start Up

Businesses and employees can flourish in paradise.

Charlotte County's business climate is strong and vigorous, meeting the needs of one of the fastest growing areas in the county.  It's no secret that the county has the finest "quality of life" as evidenced by the repeated recognition in MONEY and other national magazines.

The magnificent location on Florida's gulf coast, superb recreation, low crime rate, cultural and educational alternatives and a pro-business outlook continue to enhance the county's stature.

Charlotte County Offers a productive workforce, business incentives, support services, low labor costs, right-to-work state and proximity to markets.

Financial incentives, no personal income tax, strong financial institutions, labor force and employee training facilities, as well as air, rail and interstate road transportation capabilities all compliment the favorable business climate.

The county's business and industry potential is almost limitless - a unique and promising opportunity for businesses considering expanding or relocating.

Chamber membership is a great way to promote your business, when you are ready, we invite you to join today.

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