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Junior Leadership Charlotte

Junior Leadership Charlotte is a Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce program designed for high school Juniors.  JLC was originally created by the Leadership Charlotte Class of 1993 as their community project.  Ongoing since its inception, this exciting program is aimed to enhance the educational experiences and knowledge about local opportunities for 28 high school juniors.  Students who wish to be considered for JLC should complete the application, available in schools at the start of their junior term (early August).

***Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we did not have a Junior Leadership Charlotte program for 2020-2021.  Therefore, we are allowing up to 12 Seniors to participate in the Class of 2021-2022, along with the 28 Juniors, with a total capacity of up to 40 participants.

2021-2022 JLC Application for Juniors

2021-2022 JLC Application for Seniors

The selection process is based on your answers to the questions on the application.  Remember to be thoughtful and answer each question completely.  Your answers need to be typed.  Kindly refer to the application for further instructions.  Deadline for submitting your application to the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce is 4:00 p.m. on Monday, August 30, 2021.

About Junior Leadership Charlotte

The Junior Leadership Charlotte program offers students from our local high schools an opportunity to develop positive leadership qualities and a sense of community.   It is an interaction between today’s community leaders and tomorrow’s future leaders.  The program is designed to heighten the awareness of the needs of our community and to show each student how they can make a difference.  It highlights the careers and life-style available to everyone who chooses to call Charlotte County their home.

Thanks to the generous support of the business community there is no cost to the students selected for JLC.  Students attend sessions on Team Building, Environment, History & Humanities, Media, Health Care, Local Economy, Government/Justice Day and participate in a Community Service Day prior to their Graduation from the program.