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Lots of things happening, for more information click on the forms and files listed below or call the office at 941-627-2222 if you don't see what you are looking for.

Public Service Announcement - Flood Insurance

Businesses within Charlotte County face the prospect of flooding because they are located in a community that has a history of flooding events, and they must determine how best to respond to this challenge. The financial impact of flooding to any business is compounded because any damage loss is likely to be accompanied by detrimental impacts to the operation of businesses.
In its efforts to address the flood hazard, Charlotte County has developed a “Program for Public Information” (PPI). The document specifies a number of target audiences which are considered to be most important for dissemination of information. One of the target audiences is the Charlotte County business community.
The attached flyer FIPP Project - Message from Commission has been developed to cover the matters pertaining to the flood hazard which the County considers to be most important for you to know. Especially pertinent is the fact that everyone in Charlotte County should seriously consider having flood insurance, and that you should know your flood zone. Visit to find flood information for your location.

Current forms and files

Expo2022 is only weeks away.  Sign up for a booth and display your products and services at our 11th Annual Business Expo "The Hottest Business Day in Paradise" on February 3rd being held a the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center.  This day long event draws a great attendance, allows time to connect with the other vendors and is a great way to showcase your business to walk-ins and clients.   Print the Expo Participant Agreement from this link: ExpoParticipantAgreementForm_2022, or go directly to the event page and sign up.

Have an issue with a local Charlotte County business?  Our Better Business Department  is committed to promoting the highest quality of business practices by providing information to the consumers on the responsiveness of its members.  Print and complete the Customer Experience Report and return it with any supporting documents and your $5.00 processing fee and it will initiate a letter from our Better Business Department requesting a response to your issue.

First Thursday Advertiser Agreement is an exclusive opportunity for members of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce.  Submit your JPG or PNG file to promote your business, event or special offer.  Distributed to over 3,000 email contacts monthly.  Cost is $100 per issue * Non-profit rate $50 per issue.

Newsletter Digital Flyer Agreement Members, we've gone digital with our quarterly newsletter beginning with the January 2022 issue. (July/October/January/April) the "Charlotte County Chamber Business Perspective."  We will need your digital inserts by the 20th of the month before, cost is $100 per issue * Non-profit rate $50 per issue.

Mailing List File Agreement An address file (Contact Person, Business Name and Address) is available for purchase as a one-time-use Excel file for active members only.   This address file does not include email addresses.  Cost is $125 for a one time use file.