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Value, power, and scope of successful networking

June 5, 2023

Networking executed properly is the process of building and maintaining relationships with people who can provide information, support, and opportunities for personal or professional growth.

The value of networking lies in its ability to help individuals and businesses achieve their objectives more efficiently and effectively.

There are multiple aspects of beneficial networking by being a part of our dynamic membership.

Having access to information. Networking allows individuals to tap into a wealth of information and knowledge that they may not have had access to otherwise.

By connecting with other like-minded members in their field or industry, individuals can learn about new trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

Opportunities for collaboration. Networking can lead to partnerships and collaborations that can benefit all parties involved.

By working together, individuals and businesses can achieve more than they would have been able to on their own.

Career advancement. Networking can be a valuable tool for career advancement.

By building relationships with people in their industry or field, individuals can learn about job openings, gain referrals, and connect with mentors who can help guide their professional development.

Increased visibility. Networking can help individuals and businesses increase their visibility and build their brand.

By attending events, engaging with others on social media, individuals can raise their profile and attract new opportunities.

Personal growth. Networking can also be a valuable tool for personal growth.

By connecting with people from different backgrounds and perspectives, individuals can broaden their horizons and gain new insight into their own lives and the community around them.

Overall, being a member of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce provides the opportunity of effective networking to make beneficial connections, be a resource, collaboration, career advancement, increased visibility, and personal growth.

At an affordable annual investment, there is no reason to wait any longer to become a part of our premier business membership organization.


Networking at Noon Lunch (member event): 11:45 a.m.– 1 p.m., Wednesday, June 14 at Lime Tequila Mexican Restaurant, 1978 Kings Highway, Port Charlotte. Registration and meal selection required. To RSVP, visit

Lunch & Learn (member event): Noon–1 p.m., Tuesday, June 20 .Topic: E-Verify Compliance Training for Small Business Employers. Speaker: Christina Faro-Pilliteri, Integrity Employee Leasing. Registration/lunch selection required. To RSVP, visit charlottecountychamber. org. $10pp.

Third Wednesday Coffee (member event): 8–9 a.m., Wednesday, June 21 at the Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center, 75 Taylor St., Punta Gorda.  Coffee sponsor: Charlotte State Bank & Trust. Guest speaker: Patrick Fuller, director of the Charlotte County Emergency Management/Hurricane Season Preparedness. Registration is requested. To RSVP, visit charltotecountychamber. org.

Business Card Exchange (member event): 5–7 p.m., Thursday, June 29 at Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty, 19700 Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte. Bring a gift to promote your business and bring plenty of business cards. Registration is requested. To RSVP, visit charlottecountychamber. org.

New Teachers’ Breakfast - (member event): 7:30–9 a.m., Monday, July 31 at Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center, 75 Taylor St., Punta Gorda. Charlotte County Public Schools will be welcoming 225 new teachers this year. We are looking for 225 members to sponsor each teacher. $45 to sponsor a teacher. You can provide 225 items for the new teachers goodie bags. Deadline is Friday, July 14. Special thanks to our title sponsor: Lake Michigan Credit Union.


Ribbon cuttings are an effective way to meet the business owners (and fellow chamber members) in an informal atmosphere and develop great connections. Plus, you get familiar with their products and services provided. Please take the time to show your support and attend our ribbon cuttings!

Mazda of Port Charlotte - (groundbreaking): 11 a.m., Thursday, June 8 at 798 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. Registration is requested.

Meals on Wheels (new kitchen reveal): 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 13 at 3082 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. Registration is requested.

Hometown Title Closings & Services (new location): 5:30 p.m., Thursday, June 15 at 2091 Tamiami Trail, Unit B, Port Charlotte. Food, drinks, and giveaway will be provided. Registration is requested.

My Salon Suite (grand opening): 4–6 p.m., Monday, June 26 (ribbon-cutting to take place at 5 p.m.) at 24075 Peachland Blvd., Bldg. 2, Port Charlotte. Refreshments and tours will be available. Registration is requested.

Bob White is executive director of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce.