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Joining the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce adds value

December 26, 2022

This past year has been a year of transition for the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce.

New staff, new board members and leadership have added great success to our chamber in terms of record new membership and programs. We are looking to continue this growth as a chamber; and we plan to help our member’s businesses grow, with new programs, and new ideas while keeping our “tried and true” networking events.

Each year, the president of the chamber board selects a theme for the year. Last year’s theme was #OurFutureIsNow.

From the year of the COVID pandemic to the transition in staff and leadership, we felt that if the chamber was going to succeed, it must act quickly. It worked. We achieved a record number of new members and increased the retention rate of our current members.

The new theme for the 2023 year is “Membership Adds Value.” When a business joins the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, it is joining a group of successful business owners and leaders who understand that a Charlotte County Chamber membership adds value to its business. Where else can a business owner spend so little, in membership fees, and receive so much value?

What three values can you, a business owner, expect when becoming a Charlotte County Chamber member?

Value with networking opportunities. Attending as many networking events as possible will add value. At a ribbon cutting, a 3rd Wednesday Coffee, or a business card exchange, you will meet a fellow chamber member and solidify a business relationship that can mean continued business for years to come!

Value with marketing opportunities. Our chamber provides advertising opportunities on our website. We publish weekly and monthly newsletters sent to over 4,000 businesses. We maintain social media pages and distribute publications, such as our Community Guide, filled with Charlotte County information and an alphabetical listing of each Chamber member’s contact information. Thousands are distributed yearly.

Value with directories. Access to the chamber’s membership directory helps our chamber member’s business owners locate other businesses that offer the product or service they need. Members can also get access to email lists to broaden their customer base, whether B2B or B2C.

For more information on how a Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce membership can add value to your business, contact Executive Director Bob White or Business Development Director Jami Joannes at 941-627-2222 or

Steve Lineberry is president of the Board of Directors for the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerc