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Charlotte County Chamber explains governance, action plans

February 15, 2021

Sometimes we take it for granted that everyone understands what goes on in our own individual universes. And chambers of commerce are no different.

Once established, chambers are governed by their bylaws document. While sometimes tedious, this sure dose help with issues when there is a major procedural question. Referring to the adopted bylaws answers most questions, followed by the board-approved policies and positions.

Boring stuff, right? Perhaps, but necessary.

Chamber mission statement, goals and objectives

The mission statement of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the prosperity and general welfare of its business members and the community they serve. Each year, goals are established to not only advise the members of what is being done to assist them, but to also engage the entire business community. The goals this year are to:

1. Be the influential voice of the business community.

2. Play a primary role in further improving the business climate in Charlotte County.

3. Provide business leadership for programs that will enhance the quality of life in our community.

Of course, you can’t have goals without objectives. The corresponding objectives for 2021 are to:

1. Provide tangible benefits to Chamber members that offer numerous networking opportunities and value added services.

2. Sustain membership growth and retention to be quantified on an annual basis.

3. Make the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce a model of excellent customer service and be responsive to member needs.

Lucky for you, I will use the next four weeks to explain what the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce has done and will do to achieve those goals and objectives.

Program of work

A chamber also has a “program of work,” or action plan. This contains the specific programs and services being offered by the chamber each year. The 2021 Plan of Action for the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce consists of a governance committee and three divisions with their own missions and objections:

1. Member Services Division-Mission: To provide information, services and educational programs to members on issues that affect business.

Committees: Ambassadors: Retain members to perpetuate the Chamber and enable it to achieve its mission.

ChamberACTION Committee: Support Chamber activities on a regular or on-call basis. Along with providing valuable education about the Chamber, joining ChamberACTION can lay the foundation for more in-depth involvement, and the heightened visibility you receive provides more recognition for your business.

Christmas Parade Committee: Plan the annual Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade to be held in early December each year.

Christmas Tree Lighting Committee: Plan the annual Charlotte County Chamber Hometown Community Christmas.

2. Government Affairs Division-Mission: To establish and maintain representation and information flow for Chamber members regarding government issues by proactive involvement in the governmental process. This division oversees the Government Affairs Committee.

3. Leadership Charlotte Division- Mission: To influence and foster a community environment that furthers the prosperity of the business community and the community at large.

Leadership Charlotte: Develop new and existing community leaders by providing an experiential education of the heritage, resources, opportunities and business environment in Charlotte County.

Junior Leadership Charlotte: The program enhances the students’ knowledge about local opportunities so they might return to the community following their post-secondary education to live, work, and play.

Leadership Charlotte Alumni: To further develop community leaders and maintain relationships established through Leadership Charlotte to assist the Chamber in implementing its vision of Charlotte County.

Third Wednesday Coffee

Members know what week it is. It’s the week of the Third Wednesday Coffee and the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center at 7:15 a.m. We look forward to hearing about the wonderful programs and services of the Homeless Coalition which does so much for our community.

Our special program for the morning will be an overview of the 2021 survey results, including a sampling of the “yays,” the suggestions, and the “yikes!”

See you there.

Teri Ashley is the executive director of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, now in its 96th year. She can be reached at 941-627-2222 or at