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Third Wednesday Coffee and New Member Orientation this week

October 19, 2020

Third Wednesday Coffee and New Member Orientation this week

The Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce remains committed to not taking any chances with the health and safety of our members, their staff, customers, families and friends. We are doing what we can on our end, as always, to ensure the highest level of economic success no matter the situation.

After 165 people attended our 95th annual luncheon at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center two weeks ago, we received so many wonderful notes and comments. Many were understandably a little apprehensive prior to the event, but later confirmed they had felt very safe in the environment we created for them. Yes, face masks were required except when seated or speaking from the lectern. The tables had ample space between them, they were set for four guests instead of 10, and bottles of Perrier replaced the water pitchers.

Not only did people feel comfortable, they let us know they were happy they attended and enjoyed the event.

So, we will keep moving forward.


Third Wednesday Coffee

Up next this week is our monthly Third Wednesday Coffee. This event is open to all chamber members as part of their membership benefits. Additionally, if a business is interested in joining our 95 year old organization, this is a nice meeting to attend for a sneak peek at the perks and comradery.

Sponsoring the meeting this month is the Charlotte Community Foundation. Our new board president, Justin Brand, is the Director of Community Engagement for the Charlotte Community Foundation, and presenting an update about the foundation will be Ashley Maher, Executive Director.

Each month we offer one of our nonprofit members the opportunity to provide an update of their program. Mike Mansfield, CEO of Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, will let us know the progress being made in our community by this wonderful organization.

To round out the meeting, which also recognizes sponsors, introduces special guests, and announces new member, attendees will be given a chamber outlook for the coming year. Think State of the Chamber with a focus on the future.

For all of you early birds, the Third Wednesday Coffee begins at 7:15 a.m. And for the rest of us … I mean you … it won’t hurt to rise and shine early one day each month.


New Member Orientation

Immediately following the Third Wednesday Coffee, we will roll right into our New Member Orientation. Any of the approximately 90 businesses which joined the Charlotte County Chamber of Chamber of Commerce between October 1, 2019 and the present have been invited to attend. This is a 30-minute program we plan to then present quarterly. And if a long-time business member thinks they could use a little refresher course, they can hang around after the Third Wednesday Coffee as well.

This will all be about learning what your chamber membership can do for you, and what you can do for your chamber. Topics to be covered include a one-on-one with the Board President, an introduction to the chamber staff, benefits and programs overview, and using the new website portal.  (As a side-note, the new website portal is so popular that we will be scheduling a separate Lunch & Learn session just for this topic in the very near future.)

The goal of the orientation is to take the guesswork out of chamber membership so businesses can maximize success based on their individual needs.


Teri Ashley is the executive director of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, now in its 96th year. She can be reached at 941-627-2222 or at