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Thank you from the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce

November 16, 2020

Thank you from the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce

  • By Teri Ashley Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce

As we close in on Thanksgiving, this seems like the perfect time to say “thank you” from the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce.

Yours truly assumed operation leadership of the chamber almost a year ago. Since that time, there have been, shall we say, some major challenges and concerns. As we did everything possible to assist our members and the entire business community, those that offered us assistance and support are so greatly appreciated.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that chambers are also small businesses. We are nonprofit business organizations, but not 501© 3 charitable organizations. The issues faced by other businesses were also right there in front of us.

To our business representatives, government officials, previous board members and past board presidents who reached out to check on us, thank you from the bottom of our little chamber hearts. Your words of encouragement, support and guidance have been invaluable. That is what was needed during these times, and will continue to be needed as we all keep moving forward.

Networking at Noon

Our monthly Networking at Noon luncheon was scheduled for last Wednesday at The Twisted Fork Restaurant on El Jobean Road. Does everyone remember what they were doing last Thursday? Watching docks go under water? Putting out holiday decorations while watching palm trees blow sideways? Snorkeling down Marion Avenue?

Well, good news. The luncheon has been rescheduled to Tuesday, and Bert is looking forward to seeing everyone. Please call Janet at the chamber make your reservation today at 941-627-2222.

Third Wednesday Coffee

The monthly Third Wednesday Coffee is this week at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center in Punta Gorda. The sponsor will be our long-time member Air Trek, and we will hear an update from our nonprofit member, Drug Free Punta Gorda.

The presentation for the morning will be from Dr. Mizyl Damayo, medical director at Paradise Behavioral Health. Dr. Damayo will provide information on dealing with current issues, maintaining positive business (mental) health, and the treatment options for staff if needed.

Please arrive at 7:15 a.m., grab your coffee and muffin, and enjoy the program beginning at 7:30 a.m. All social distancing and face mask guidelines will be followed.

The Shop Small Movement

As explained last week, your Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce was selected as a 2020 Neighborhood Champion by the Shop Small Team at American Express to encourage the community to “Share Joy and Shop Small All Season Long.”

Well, our Shop Small Marketing Materials have arrived and are available at the chamber office. We will also bring a few items to tomorrow’s Networking at Noon luncheon and the Third Wednesday Coffee. The guide and digital tools will be emailed to all members today.

The Local Pledge (You heard it here first)

I hereby pledge, while you all do witness,

That this holiday season, my shopping will impress.

From store to boutique to Port Charlotte Town Center,

All around Charlotte County are the places I’ll enter.

On to FishVille and Marion, Olympia and Cross,

Up and down Tamiami Trail, just like a boss.

No more deliveries for me, for a while they’re gone,

I’ll just smile and wave at the vans marked Amazon.

My mail carrier will sigh, and will be oh-so-very happy,

The load will lighter and three dogs much less yappy.

It will be fun, it will be great, as I collect all my treasurers,

To put around and under my fresh cut green Fraser.

Yes, my dears, it can be no other way,

We must do our part so all of our businesses will stay.

Now is the time to be loud, clear, and vocal …

All of my holiday shopping WILL. BE. LOCAL!

Thanks, again

We do everything we can to pay it forward.

Teri Ashley is the executive director of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, now in its 96th year. She can be reached at 941-627-2222 or at